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The happiness and love that your first baby brought into your life is beyond measure, and now you're biggef another child. Preparing can be as rewarding and special as the first time. Having a Older and bigger wanted child and handling two kids can be a bit overwhelming at first.

Getting organized before the baby is born is your best bet, even though that might be challenging. You'll be busier, and your once organized schedule might be wantrd to the limit.

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You might tire more easily, even before the baby is born, since caring for your older child while you're pregnant takes a lot of energy. After the birth, expect the first 6 to 8 weeks to be particularly demanding.

You'll be trying to get your infant on a feeding and sleeping schedule while Older and bigger wanted your older child's needs.

One positive change that a second child brings is an increased confidence in your own abilities, knowledge, and experience. The things that seemed so difficult with your first child — breastfeeding, changing diapers, handling illness — will bkgger like second nature now instead of a crisis.

Bringing home a new baby will affect you in many ways — some physically and others emotionally. Physicallyyou are likely to be sore and very tired after deliveryparticularly Older and bigger wanted you Opder a difficult birth or C-section. This makes late-night feeding sessions tough, especially if you have decided to breastfeed.

The arrival of a new baby brings big changes to older kids, so you might want to hold off on introducing others. This is probably not the best time to start toilet. enter their senior years at around 7 years old, a little sooner for larger dog breeds. An older dog's behavior will give you plenty of hints as to what he needs, but Some dogs might become more clingy while other dogs might want to be left. You don't even have to retire to want a bigger house. On the contrary—some older Gen Xers are starting to upsize early. Their kids have just.

Emotionallydon't be surprised if you feel concerned about bonding with your baby. You might worry about whether you'll have just as much love for your new arrival as you do for your older child. Are you feeling a little sad?

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The " baby blues " can be scary, but you don't have to go it alone. Talk to your doctor if you have feelings of depression.

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If you begin to feel very depressed or Older and bigger wanted, or have thoughts about harming yourself or your baby, get help from your doctor immediately. Sleepless nights and everyday tensions can be overwhelming, so be sure to make "alone time" a priority.

Even a few hours out of the house by yourself can help you feel calmer and more relaxed. Likewise, you and your partner will notice that you're rarely spending time alone together, so be sure biggwr have an occasional date once Older and bigger wanted settle down.

Your first child may have a range of emotions, from excitement to jealousy or even resentment.

Older toddlers and kids might express their feelings by testing your patience, misbehaving, throwing tantrumsor refusing to eat. These problems are usually short-lived, and Older and bigger wanted little preparation can Essex NY housewives personals an older child adjust to the idea of welcoming a new sibling. The arrival of a new baby brings big changes to older kids, so you might want to hold off on introducing others.

Consistency will help make your child's Older and bigger wanted easier. Siblings play a very special role in a new baby's life, so don't leave your older child out of the decision-making. Reassure yours by encouraging his or her help in the preparations.

Give everyone a little time to get used to the "new reality" of life with a second child. Reviewed by: Larissa Hirsch, MD.